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Till the World Ends

If the world is in fact ending at some point today, then now is as good a time as any to talk about guilty pleasures. Thus, in the spirit of pre-apocalyptic abandon, this post is about Kesha, abstract painting, and aesthetic rapture. (More→)

Light in a Dark Room

Zoe Leonard’s recent exhibition at Murray Guy, in which she turned one room of the gallery into a large-scale camera obscura, closed on October 27. If it had been open a week later, it would have shown a very different scene, and the show would have been a very different show. (More→)

Michael Bevilacuqua at Gering & López Gallery

Critic Simon Reynolds’s description of Joy Division’s music as having an “eerie spatiality” also befits the two paintings in “An Ideal for Living,” Michael Bevilacqua’s third solo show at Gering & López Gallery. (More→)

All-Star Break: Trends

In the spirit of last week’s All-Star game and in recognition of the final winding down of the current gallery season, a look at the five trends that most caught my attention over the past six months.

Picks: June 23-24

Recommendations: process-oriented shows by Thomas Demand and Lisa Oppenheim, a promising showing by Vlatka Horvat, and Kristin Baker’s fractured abstractions. Plus, Cheyney Thompson. (More→)

Talking Monochrome Blues

“Can someone look at a single color on a 16-by-20-inch canvas and have an emotional response?” (More→)

Picks: May 19-20

This weekend’s recommendations: Damian Stamer’s confrontations with landscape painting, Minimalism’s current legacy in Brooklyn, color photographs from the Depression, and Rembrandt at the Met. (More→)

“Four Paintings” at Regina Rex

The artists in “Four Paintings” embrace the freedom brought about by the culmination of Modernism to experiment with the space of picture plane. (More→)

Henning Bohl at Casey Kaplan

Henning Bohl could have left his exhibition at just the plush purple carpet, turning Casey Kaplan Gallery into a playful recreation of Yves Klein’s famous 1958 exhibition, “The Void.” (More→)

Polly Apfelbaum in Chelsea

Polly Apfelbaum currently has two shows up in Chelsea: “Flatland: Color Revolt” at Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden and “Flatterland Funkytown” at D’Amelio Gallery. (More→)