Category Picks

Picks: June 23-24

Recommendations: process-oriented shows by Thomas Demand and Lisa Oppenheim, a promising showing by Vlatka Horvat, and Kristin Baker’s fractured abstractions. Plus, Cheyney Thompson. (More→)


Picks: May 19-20

This weekend’s recommendations: Damian Stamer’s confrontations with landscape painting, Minimalism’s current legacy in Brooklyn, color photographs from the Depression, and Rembrandt at the Met. (More→)

Picks: April 21-22

This weekend, Sam Moyer’s Slacktide closes at Rachel Uffner Gallery. Also recommended: Fred Sandback’s endearing minimalism, Anne-Lise Coste’s cursive graffiti, Liz Magic Laser’s deft political comedy, and Martos Gallery’s stab at what constitutes our “new tradition.” (More→)

Picks: April 14-15

“With “Picks,” I call attention to shows at the end of their run that I think are worth seeing before they close for good. (More→)